Juka Solar Tech Co.,Ltd.

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JUKA SOLAR TECH CO.,LTD . is the leading manufacturer for solar product, we have over 25 different models which are selling in the market, our distributors business is quite successful. We have wide range products:
Solar freezer :38L,58L,98L,108L 158L 208L 248L 268L 358L 408L 508L
Solar refrigerator :50L 70L 90L 108L 128L 136L 158L 178L 198L 218L 268L 270L
Solar showcase :46L 80L 98L 158L 218L 268L 300L
Car fridge :32L,42L,52L
Solar ice maker :15kgs,90kgs
Solar air conditioner :6000b...

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          • Juka Solar Tech Co.,Ltd.
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          • Solar freezer , dc freezer, dc cooler, solar cooler ,ice-cream freezer
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          • Mingzhu Dasha
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          • Karin Zhang
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          • 0086-0571-88314821
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